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Who We Are

Alchemy GPS technical consultants will work in the customer's IT team. They can support complex projects and provide solutions to business problems. Our consultants have received the highest standard of training and are familiar with the entire software development life cycle, including design, development, testing, analysis and maintenance, and can provide continuous support.


Alchemy GPS works closely with customers in many different fields around the world to provide them with highly skilled and diverse talents to join their technical teams. Our consultants receive strict business and technical training before taking up their posts, and learn and practice in the environment of simulating actual work. Alchemy GPS has a comprehensive and systematic consultant support plan to ensure that we provide customers and consultants with satisfactory and successful experience, including learning and development, welfare and coaching plans and social activities.

Software Dev

Alchemy's software development service provides well-trained, adaptable and creative full-stack developers to provide technical solutions for our customers. As a part of the cross-functional team in the agile work environment, our consultants have received training in a variety of programming languages, including Java, Python, C #, C++and COBOL. Focusing on test-driven development, our experienced consultants can build high-quality code in a collaborative way.


Software Test

Our consultants are proficient in popular automation technologies and frameworks, such as Java programming, Selenium Webdriver and Cucumber. Our training plan also includes the core Java programming basics such as the creation and execution of manual test scripts, defect management, syntax and data types, the basic knowledge of object-oriented programming, and the use of frameworks to create, execute and maintain automated tests. 

Using Mobile Phones

Project Manage

The project management office plan of Alchemy provides consulting services for consultants, who can deliver according to key standards to drive innovation and ensure tangible benefits for your organization. Our consultants have been trained in agile development and waterfall development. They can comprehensively consider various options to select the development mode suitable for your company's project environment.



In addition to traditional business and technical services, we also tailor specific skills for customers. We can provide professional technology, platform or working method training for consultants to achieve customer's organizational goals. In addition to providing training for specific services, we can also customize the recruitment process to help customers find talents with certain skills (such as second language) or ethnic minority backgrounds, so as to improve the diversity within the customer organization. During the recruitment process, we always ensure that we will evaluate the candidates according to the customer's values to ensure that the candidates can adapt to the customer's company culture.


Meet The Team

Our team is made up of bright and like-minded individuals, who have come together to explore endless possibilities. We come from a variety of different fields and technical backgrounds, yet our passion for Alchemy GPS ties us all together. Check out the people who make Alchemy GPS the amazing company it truly is.

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